Live conference with Joaquin Fargas: The Earth is taking a break!

We happy to invite our international community to the first live conference in English, «The Earth is taking a break» – we are organizing together with the argentine artist & engineer, Joaquín Fargas. Together with Joaquin and organizations from Spain, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico and Mexico we are reflecting about the positive/negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemy on nature and our society.

How will be live on our planet tomorrow?

What learnings did we make during this quarantaine?

Are we able to change our habits to create a more sustainable living?

Lets discuss it together tomorrow!! At 18:00 hs, CEST Time, 13:00 hs ARG-Time on zoom.

Participation is free, previous inscription required here:

Event Details

Jue 30 Abr 2020
18:00 pm

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